Dating On Vacation: Miami



People always seem to be surprised when I tell them I date when I go on vacation. The truth is that, Love, isn’t just in your hometown. When someone tells you there are millions of fish in the sea, they mean in the entire world, not just around the corner from where you live. When you travel to a place you’ve never been to before, you should completely immerse yourself into the community and the into culture–that means meeting new people. You’ll be shocked to find out that you have a lot in common with people you’ve never met before. The guy next to you has had his heart broken. The girl ordering coffee in front of you just lost her job, and she’s trying to keep some sort of semblance of her daily routine. Everyone has a story, everywhere you go. When you start becoming open to the idea of meeting new people, you’ll start to realize that dating on vacation is just like dating at home–only better. It’s better than dating at home because, well, you’re not at home. Most likely, you’re not stressed about your job, you aren’t worried about money, and you’re hopefully in a place that makes you happy. I can’t think of a better environment to date in than on vacation.

Everyone always asks, “How do you meet someone on vacation?” The answer is simple, the same way you meet people at home. Whether it is talking to people when you’re out, or that you’re going on dating apps, there are plenty of single people out there. The key to successfully dating on vacation is knowing what you want. Are you just looking for fun, or are you looking to spend some time with someone special? Being transparent with what you want can definitely help you both not send any mixed signals. In Miami, I began talking to a guy named Alex. He was staying in the city because he would be running the 2018 Miami Half Marathon two days after I met him. What started off as just talking over the phone, became something more. He invited me to dinner the next night. Knowing I was an Italian, Jersey boy, he picked an Italian restaurant called La Locanda in South Beach. Both of us had never been there before. When we were seated, we noticed the overwhelming amount of Italian that was being spoken. He spoke both English and Spanish fluently, and I spoke English and French. Instead of leaving, we sat down and attempted to speak Italian. We tried something new–and we tried it together.

Trying new things, in a new place, with someone new is not only fun, but I truly believe it is the key to happiness. Its confronting the fear of the unknown and then feeling accomplished after you’ve tried it. All night, as we got to know each other, we laughed over our horrible attempts at reading Italian entrées off the menu. We had such a good time together, that Alex had asked me out for a second date the next day. Of course, I said yes. Together the next day, we walked along the ocean in Miami, and we took pictures of everything the city had to show us.

“Look at that, Daniel” he would point and say to me in his exotic Spanish accent.

Showing me around, not only allowed me to experience Miami more intimately but, I really began to get to know him more intimately as well. I struggled to decide whether I was falling in love with Miami, or falling in love with him. There is no doubt in my mind that there is something special about meeting people when you’re on vacation. It becomes more than just a trip, captured in photos you’ll eventually post on social media when you finally get the time to. That city, that trip now becomes a moment in your life that will forever stay within your heart. “But how do you say goodbye,” everyone asks. The answer is once again simple–you don’t. A little piece of you will now remain in that city, always yearning for your return. No “goodbyes,” only , “see you soon.”