Let’s Make Your Moments

Growing up I was very fortunate to travel a lot. I was blessed with a mother who yearned for adventure, and she taught me to do things differently.

We would go to Florida like many families did, but instead of going to Disney World, she would take me snorkeling with Manatees in the Crystal River. She took me to Jamaica one summer and instead of staying at the resort, we spent the days cliff diving, exploring small towns, immersing ourselves in their culture, and meeting with local people.

In other words, my life has never been lived on the beaten path. Being adopted, I never quite knew my roots, but only what I made for myself. So instead of creating a normal life, with the inspiration of my mother, I have decided to create something much more meaningful – a life full of magical moments. With that in mind, I decided to create Project Moments. 

Going to ordinary places doesn’t have to be ordinary. This guide is to help you find places off the beaten path; Places where you won’t meet tourists, but people from the land; Where you can learn something about culture, and more importantly about yourself.

This is an anecdotal guide to finding your next moment in life.

Wherever it may be, we want to create the best day of your life, every day of your life. Focusing on travel, local food, fashion, music, tips, opinions and stories from people around the world, Project Moments aims to help you create moments – not itineraries.