6 Tips on How To Have a Successful Bar-Crawl …Without Ending Up On The Floor

It’s not a secret that people like to drink, party and have a good time on vacation. But with great partying, comes great responsibilities. With many travelers focused more on authentic experiences rather than seeing sights, ‘bar crawling,’ has become a popular activity. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s when you go from bar to bar, trying and tasting a few drinks, and then heading to the next. To many that sounds like a recipe for disaster, but when done right, it gives you the opportunity to try as many of the restaurants and bars the city has to offer. Here are 6 tips on how to do a successful bar-crawl:

1. Pre-Plan Your Route: Don’t let this affect your pre-game, but planning is everything. Find at least 3 bars you want to go to. Map out your route, so you can go to each place easily, either on foot, or by taxi. If you know where you’re going, you can at least ask for directions if your phone dies.                                                                                              

2. Dress Wisely:  Ladies, it gets colder at night, and walking in 6-inch heels will eventually become an Olympic sport after a few drinks. Bring a light jacket, and charge your phone. Gentleman, wear something with pockets…You’ll need to put your phone, wallet, and all your friend’s things somewhere. Plus if you have pockets, you’ll be less likely to set your belongings down and forget them.

3. Don’t Drive:  Seriously, don’t drive. Download LYFT, or UBER, or better yet, write down the number to a taxi before you begin your bar-crawl. Parking garages are expensive and DWI tickets and court fees are even pricier. If you are looking to save money, use UBER Pool or the split feature on LYFT to split the fares and keep you on budget for your night.     

4. Get to Know Your Bartender: Some people have heroes in life, but on a bar-crawl night, your bartender will be your hero. He will charge your phone when it’s dying, and he will help you if that guy next to you won’t leave you alone. He can recommend the best drinks, and give you water when you need it, and not when it’s too late.  As someone who has worked in the service industry for a little under a decade, I cant attest to this tip. And speaking of tips: 18% and higher depending on service. For many bartenders and servers, this job is how they pay their bills.

5. Limit Your Drinks:  It sounds crazy, and a little counter-productive for a bar-crawl, I know. But you want to enjoy as many new places as possible. Ask the bartender about the establishment’s best signature drinks and try one. After you’re done, pay, and head to the next place hopefully feeling good, and not too drunk, to optimize your evening.

6. Drink Water:  Stay hydrated, with the best mixed drink known to man: H20 and some ice which is also water, just frozen. Start off your night with a nice glass of water, and try to drink it in between cocktails. It’s good for your skin, your liver and probably your soul. You’ll thank yourself the next morning.

Cheers, and Drink Responsibly


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